Dear valued readers, today we are super excited to bring you our comprehensive review of the latest fat burner to be produced by ERGO Group Limited known as Phen Q. ERGO Group Limited has been known to produce the highest quality FDA approved pharmaceuticals, so based on their past achievements we were super excited about their release of the new Phen Q fat burner pill.

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The manufacturer’s goal was to produce a powerful fat burning product that combines a specific combination of proven natural ingredients for ultimate fat burning results.  Phen Q provides people seeking fat loss with the  power of a multiple weight loss product in the convenience of a single pill.

Phen Q Fat Burner Pill Review: Does It Really Strip Fat Fast?

So Does the Phen Q Fat Burner Pill Live Up to the Hype?

As usual this Ergo Group product comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, meaning that his is truly an exciting and risk free proposition for our valued readers.

Phen Q is creating a real buzz in the weight loss industry and it turns out that it is for many valid reasons”

If you have been surfing the web or watching TV recently I am sure you probably have already seen the amazing benefits that this premium grade fat burner has to offer. This revolutionary fat burner pill is taking the weight loss industry by storm and changing the way we humans think about fat loss.

Losing weight can be an arduous task for some. Many believe that the Phen Q fat burner pill may be the answer that both men and women are searching for in their quest to finally lose that stubborn dangerous body fat. So does the Phen Q fat burning pill live up to the hype?

We think so…


In This Comprehensive Phen Q Fat Burner Pill Review We Will Investigate:


• The fat burning ingredients in Phen Q

• How Phen Q initiates the fat burning process

• What fat loss results can be expected from taking a Phen Q fat burner pill


“Whenever big brands like Ergo release a new fat burner we get really excited. The new generation of fat burning pills are simply amazing. We had no reason to believe that the Phen Q fat burner would be any different. From our initial investigation it looks like the Phen Q fat burner is a real game changer”


Phen Q Review: Always read the label before taking any supplements to ensure they are right for you!

What Makes the Phen Q Fat Burner Pill Different from Other Fat Burning Pills?

Many diets pills only focus on one component of weight loss. In this day and age this is completely outdated and unacceptable. Unlike inferior products Phen Q combines a multi faceted approach to fat burning making this a truly revolutionary fat burning pill. To be more precise the Phen Q fat burning pills can help you shred stubborn body fat in 5 incredible ways.

Firstly it can help you BURN FAT by increasing your thermogenesis and metabolic rate. It literally burns up and melts away your fat stores. It can also assist in STOPPING FAT PRODUCTION meaning that you will no longer have to worry about packing on more kilos. It does this in quite a unique way. We will discuss this in further detail shortly. Thirdly it contains premium ingredients that will SUPPRESS YOUR APPETITE meaning that you will no longer have the urge to over eat. Basically it helps you eat less daily calories which results in an energy deficit. In this state your body tears through stubborn fat stores for food. It has also been said that the Phen Q fat burner pills will help to BOOST YOUR ENERGY levels meaning you will feel like doing more even while eating less. And finally the Phen Q fat burning pills even takes care of your mental state. The developers of Phen Q have added some mild ingredients to help IMPROVE YOUR MOOD to help you feel happy while dieting.

What are the Main Ingredients in the Phen Q Fat Burner Pills?


Phen Q Review: Always read the label before taking any supplements to ensure they are right for you!
After investigating the ingredients of Phen Q it became apparent that this product represents excellent value for money.

You see the Phen Q actually combines the fat burning ingredients from many popular effective diet pills in only one unique pill.

This really makes losing weight so simple.

So why spend money on expensive single ingredient fat burners when you can get all of the ingredients in one pharmaceutical grade product.

The main active in Phen Q is a new exclusively patented formula known as α-Lacys Reset®. After further investigation we discovered that the α-Lacys Reset® formula consists of 2 ingredients (alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine.) It is believed that these 2 ingredients help digestive function and optimize metabolism. If you are one of our avid readers you would already know how important metabolism optimization is in achieving significant fat loss.

The credibility of these ingredients is backed up by some excellent science based research. We were quite blown away by the results of the experiments that looked at the fat burning properties of Phen Q.
Many diets pills only focus on one component of weight loss. In this day and age this is unacceptable as we consumers expect so much more. Unlike inferior products Phen Q combines a multi faceted approach to fat burning making this a truly revolutionary fat burning pill.

While undertaking our Phen Q review we came across some really impressive testimonials on the official Phen Q website that I suggest you check out. The site if very professional and easy to navigate just as we expect from the Ergo group. As always the team at Ergo promise to provide exceptional customer support throughout your weight loss journey.

The developers are actually so confident in this product that they are offering a crazy 60 day money back guarantee. We love it when fat burning pill manufacturers stand by their products. To us this exhibits that they have supreme confidence in their product. With this guarantee you will be happy to know that you have a empowered sense of security. 60 days is a long time. If you haven’t got results by then just send it back and they will give you a full refund. Talk about a win-win low risk situation.

What Other Ingredients are in the Phen Q Fat Burner Pills

We really wanted to go all out on this Phen Q review so we decided to delve further into the ingredients list. We are quite impressed by the level of research behind each ingredient and the companies justification for adding it to this fat burning pill. In addition to the α-Lacys Reset® which we mentioned earlier there are some other extremely helpful ingredients including:

  • CAPSIMAX POWDER- A natural combination of piperine, caffeine, capsicum and niacin (vitamin B3), These ingredients promote metabolism and burn fat with their strong thermogenic properties. It is also believed that the ingredient piperine piperine may be able to slow and even stop the formation of new fat cells. If you visit the Phen Q official site you can read more about the research behind the implementation of these ingredients and how they can assist in weight loss.


  • CALCIUM CARBONATE- Calcium can play a vital role in weight management. We all know that this ingredient is great for keeping our bones healthy but calcium can do so much more. Research suggests calcium may help you signal your body to store less body fat. This is great news if you are after weight loss because rather than been in fat storing mode you can know focus on actually losing weight. On the official Phen Q site they have highlighted an exciting study that showed obese people who took a calcium supplement lost more weight than those who didn’t. You can read more about this research here.


  • CHROMIUM PICOLINATE- A mineral that is believed to help reduce sugar and carb cravings. As you may know, when sugar is consumed it is absorbed into your blood which then moves into your cells for energy production. Scientists believe that when your body is full of sugar you no longer crave it. Chromium assists in reducing carb and sugar cravings. Recent research performed at Cornell Universityfound that chromium supplementation curbed appetite and carb cravings significantly. You can read more about these exciting findings here at the Phen Q official website.


  • CAFFEINE- When consumed in the correct dosage caffeine can be a powerful stimulant. Caffeine can help you stay alert, focused and motivated. Studies have also shown that caffeine can also help you feel a greater sensation of fullness and boost fat burning through increased thermogenesis. It is also well documented that caffeine can enhance exercise performance, meaning you can potentially train harder and burn more fat during exercise sessions.


  • NOPAL- This is a natural plant based extract that is high in fibre. Its role in Phen Q is to keep you fuller for longer. Nopal also contains an abundance of amino acids plus has diuretic properties that may help flush excess fluids out of the body.


  • L-CARNITINE FURMARATE- L-carnitine has been shown to assist your body by turning to it’s own fat stores for energy. So not only can this supplement help give you more energy but it can also help burn more fat while you’re at it.
Phen Q Review: Always read the label before taking any supplements to ensure they are right for you!

Phen Q Review: Always read the label before taking any supplements to ensure they are right for you!

Phen Q is quickly establishing a reputation as one of the best fat burner pills in 2015

How do I take Phen Q

Taking Phen Q couldn’t be easier. Taking a Phen Q fat burner pill daily may help to help your body to feel fuller, burn more fat and have more energy to do the things you love. This premium grade fat burner can also increase your metabolism through increased thermogenesis, essentially turning you into a fat burning machine.

Unlike many other prescription diet pills, we were unable to uncover any known side effects of Phen Q consumption. Many of the ingredients have been added based on strong research findings.

As you may know prescription diet pills may cause insomnia, digestion issues and even more severe health complications. You will also find comfort in knowing that the Phen Q fat burner pill is produced in the US and UK in GMP and FDA approved facilities. The Phen Q website also contains the Dr Trusted seal of approval which is always a great indicator of the quality and safety of a product.

Are There Any Other Positives About Phen Q?

We are super excited about the 60 day money back guarantee. If you are one of our valued readers you would be aware that we only feature products on our site that offer at least a 30 day money back guarantee.

The developers of Phen Q have really gone above and beyond with their warranty offering a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. We love it when supplement companies stand behind their products.


Click The Image Above To Visit The Official Phen Q Website

Phen Q can also be shipped worldwide so our readers all over the planet can take advantage of this exciting new fat burner.

I urge you to check out the huge multi-buy savings packages that are available. They are giving away 3 for 1 deals plus some really cool add on free gifts that may also assist you in losing that stubborn fat.

As always the Ergo group are transparent and trustworthy in their communications. You can contact them on their website via email, phone or live chat. They state that one of their team members will be happy to consult with you through your entire weight loss journey to ensure that you are completely satisfied and comfortable with their powerful Phen Q fat burner pills.

What Fat Burning Results Can Be Achieved by Taking Phen Q?

It is very difficult to give an exact amount as to what level of fat loss results you personally will achieve from taking Phen Q. Of course every individual has different genetics, metabolic profile and eating habits. You can take a look at some real life testimonials of people who have achieved fat loss success from taking Phen Q here. Hopefully this will give you greater insight into what level of fat loss may be achievable for you

Visit the Official Phen Q Website to Learn More!

We hope you found our Phen Q review helpful.

Adding exercise and a healthy diet routine to your life can really help speed up fat loss results. Plus you will gain all of the added benefits that healthy food and exercise has to offer.

Thanks for reading our Phen Q review.

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